Monday, September 1, 2014


She blogs!

So I'm trying to get two of my friends to start a blog, one because I came up with the perfect name for her blog and the other because she's gone on exchange and I think she should document everything she's experiencing and learning while she's there.

Anyways, what has dear old me been up to? Uni, work, uni, sleep.
Only week 6 and I'm sick of uni. The only thing I really look forward to these days are coffee, lunch and dinner dates with my homies. I haven't really made any plans for the summer yet and I guess it's a bit far off to think about it considering the weather these days is just ridiculously terrible - I dislike. I dislike very much. But today's weather was on point, first day of Spring. So excited for summer!

I feel like these days I'm just living off a timetable, at this time I'm meant to be here, at this time I'm working, at this time I'm studying. And a part of me is so sick of this routine. I need a break. But like I said before the only time I break is either when I'm having lunch/dinner dates with mates.  Or when there's the occasional birthday party. I've had a couple this past month or so, so that's been a good way of de-stressing and not thinking about uni.

I swear I was never this stressed out in first year.

Stressed gracie = gracie making irrational decisions. e.g. I impulsively bought a new macbook pro - I mean I can justify it's usefulness but now my bank account is crying.

But anyhoo.. enough about me complaining about stress - here are some 1x1 photos off my phone from the last month or so.