Saturday, October 25, 2014


T-minus 41 hours till submission. Monday 9am, presentation of design with models and panels.

I've been on the go-go-go train since last Monday. So far only some minor mishaps (knock on wood), but on schedule, which is always a positive.

But yes, as according to the title I am in hermit mode - 90% of the time you'll fine me in front of my computer working on my model or actually making the physical model. I've had a couple of late nights, but so far no all-nighters and I really don't want to all-nighter.

I woke up with an extremely sore throat on Friday and been living with it since. It's those types of sore throats where it hurts to swallow and you need to gargle salt water all the time to numb it. Why out of all days of the year? The time where I need my health to be on point. Sigh.

But anyways I must get back to it.
#nearlythere #onthehomerun



Sunday, October 12, 2014

OCTO-BO-FER | 1 x 1

Alas, we have reached the tenth month of the year: Octo-bo-fer. October. How?!
This year is going by so quickly and I can't comprehend what I've even done. Uni is going to finish is about a month. I'm excited for the summer but at the same time mentally preparing myself for the next four weeks of hell. Legit. 

My mid-sem break consisted of me f-ing off for about five days and then sitting at my computer for four days straight working on studio. So that was alright... I mean I got a balance. 

This weekend has been pretty shitty. It's odd. This weekend is the last weekend I have before I enter into the estranged hermit-mode for the next month and I feel like I should have done something fun. But I haven't. I've just been doing nothing at home. Literally nothing. Like I know I have work to do but I just don't want to do it. I just don't want to do it.

What's kinda sucky is that I don't really have anything to look forward to in the summer break. Like this summer I haven't planned to go anywhere - in which I usually would. I mean I'm always up for travelling, any day, but I think I've done my fair share this year. I think I might just settle for a laid back summer and work? I've got a brief (jokes I wrote it out it's pretty intense) summer to-do list and I hope to stick to it. A lot of stuff on there is just stuff I want to learn or get back into or try or buy

But anyways shouldn't be thinking about that yet, got architecture to focus on right now. 

God bless our archi-souls.


Monday, October 6, 2014


(from left to right: Josh, Jennifer, April, me and Robbie)

About three weeks ago we held the opening night for 'Housing Singapore' - a photo installation/exhibition designed by the five architecture students that went to Singapore to learn about public housing.

This project was honestly one of the funnest projects I ever partook in. This was our assessment post-Singapore, to exhibit photos in a manner that represented our concept and stance. We began meeting up every week to develop and come up with a design and work out the logistics of it all. Some weeks involved taking a trip to Bunnings to work out materials while other weeks were spent in the space we were given and working out the plan. It was a lot of workshopping and planning. 

Our concept was 'control' and how this element has played such a significant role in defining Singaporean housing in the last fifty years. We wanted to play with string and April came up with the idea of vertical pieces that were neat and organised - kind of like how Singapore is; clean, organised, controlled

In putting it all together, it took about two full days, one whole weekend. We spent basically all waking moments on it and managed to finish installing it at 4am on a Monday morning. I had class at 10am - that was just not happening. 

We did not anticipate how long it would all take. Drilling holes, screwing in eyelets, cutting string, tying every piece of string etc. Robbie had estimated 6 hours to string and it really took 6 hours. But we had a system going and it worked. We were a great team and I think that's what pulled it all together and made it easier to build.

On the 16th of September, we invited all our Singaporean mates and friends to see. It was great to see everyone again!

I know I'm being biased but I honestly don't think these photos give the installation justice. Standing there and experiencing it was pretty phenomenal.