Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As blogged about previously, I travelled to China in February with my Gran. While overseas I wanted to film some of my adventures - something I hadn't done before. Hence, the quality and the cinematography are a bit odd and shaky at times. Nonetheless I finally got round to editing the footage and putting it all together. I present to you - GRACIE + GRAN | CHINA 2014

As mentioned in the earlier post, I was so grateful I got to spend some good quality time with my gran. Uni and work get so hectic, I rarely get to see my grandparents. I am so so soo lucky that both sides of my grandparents are here and that there's so much history and knowledge that all four of them hold. The thing about creating this little film was that it allowed me to remember each event more vividly and something I can now show my gran in a different media to just photos.

First thing I did was send the yt link to my gran, it took a while for me to explain to her how to play the video over the phone. She likes it :)