Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Here we are. The second last day of 2014.

I've been mentally writing this blogpost of a while now. Once we hit November I already began to look back on the year of 2014. I began to collect elements, events, emotions that played pivotal roles in sculpting 2014.

For me 2014 was a year that pushed me to my limits. It was the year that I experienced the most downs and ups. This has been the year that I've grown the most. As a kid you're always in a bubble - safe from everything. When I turned 18 I still felt like a kid. But this year, so many things happened that taught me lessons, hurt me and made me stronger. My best friend said she thought I matured a lot more this year and I didn't really put it together until I began to reflect on the year.

2014 was the year I lost someone I loved dearly. 
2014 was the year I met people I never would have imagined.
2014 was the year I began to become more aware of the "real" world.
2014 was the year I began to become more aware of big issues in society
2014 was the year I lost my direction and found it again (i think)

2014 was the first time in my degree where I really just woke up each day dreading university. I had never felt that before. Last semester was hard. I remember days where I was so stressed out I cried at the library - yeah it got that bad. But it got better. I think it was hard because I didn't have the motivation to produce good work. Luckily enough, I had a killer tutor who kicked my ass into working in a mindset I had never experienced.

I still can't believe another year has gone by. I'm about to enter the last year of my degree. How has this all happened?

Anyways, hope all is well on your end!

P.s. this song, the vocals are so on point - so relatable


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


1. Syd's
2. Syd's
3. Luna Park
4. DIY Macbook decal + my ugly feeeeeet
5. Glassware at IKEA
6. Behind the bar at The Grounds
7. The office next door
8. Rhett and Link on GMM
9. Devon date with Molly FOOD #1
10. Devon date with Molly FOOD #2
11. 6am sunrise (why I was up at that ungodly hour, who knows)
12. #selfie
13. Sheila, when we went to the Star
14. Luna Park (a mother and her two sons)
15. Monument Valley


About less than two months into the summer break, here are some happy snaps I wanted to share.

Points I'd like to make:

- Luna Park, spontaneity at its finest with my buds Syd and Josh 10/10 [was actually a perfect night - ice cream, fire works and well we beat the system ;) ]
- Rhett and Link, these guys make me laugh so hard like I honestly don't know what it is but I aspire to have the type of friendship they have. 10/10
- Devon Cafe, got the window seat but food is not bad 7/10
- OPM at The Star, last friday night. Girl's night out 8.5/10 (minus points for feeling like sardines)
- started a new job, and sadly said goodbye to my old one 7.5/10
- met up with friends I hadn't seen in ages 9/10
- watched Interstellar (MUST watch if you liked Inception) 9/10
- Monument Valley, I think its $5 on the App Store. But the design of this game is so minimal and freaking (ugh) so beautiful. Everything is in a 45-45 axonometric and my architecture feels are screaming in happiness. Wish there were more levels 8/10
- on another note, my thoughts are with the families and the two people who sadly lost their lives early this morning to a hostage situation in Sydney CBD. While on the train today I noticed a sombre look to everyone's faces and it's just heartbreakingly sad that such an event has occurred. 
- just a day over two weeks till the new year; holy moly 2015


Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you've ever been to The Grounds of Alexandria, you'll know how good the food is, especially the coffee. It's always bustling with people, the energy is amazing. It's just always busy. The lines are long, but it's always worth the wait. It's a very rare opportunity for a customer to be able to witness the cafe empty. Luckily last night, I got to.

In the cafe industry there is something known as a 'latte smackdown'. Which is a pretty straightforward thing: a competition where the best baristas bring out their lucky barista jugs (and I'm not kidding some of them have engravings, stickers, custom made jugs) in order to compete to see who can create the best coffee art. Now I mean, I'm just a casual drinker of coffee, it's not an essential to my way of life - it's more of a social thing or a pick-me-up type of thing. But the people last night, COFFEE is their passion. As dim-witted as it sounds, it's never really occurred to me that there was such a hype over these type of things. The life of a barista. It's something completely out of my field, but it was interesting watching all of this unfold before me as a fish out of water.

People used jargon such as cold pressed, cold dripped, rosetta - shit I ain't never paid attention to or knew of. Nonetheless, the smell of grounded coffee has still not left me. That smackdown went on till quite late into the night.

I was given the opportunity to shoot the event, capturing the baristas in action and the coffees they produced. Below are a small collection of some of my favourites. I like how they're so immersed by the coffee as they focus their pour for accuracy. It's just quite eye opening witnessing other people and their passions in action.

The event was sponsored by Almond Breeze, with a $1500 cash prize. From my understanding of 'coffee', almond milk is a lot harder to work with to produce coffee art. It's got to do with the formulation or something. I think. Nonetheless, it was quite an eye opening event and an experience I won't forget.