Tuesday, December 16, 2014


1. Syd's
2. Syd's
3. Luna Park
4. DIY Macbook decal + my ugly feeeeeet
5. Glassware at IKEA
6. Behind the bar at The Grounds
7. The office next door
8. Rhett and Link on GMM
9. Devon date with Molly FOOD #1
10. Devon date with Molly FOOD #2
11. 6am sunrise (why I was up at that ungodly hour, who knows)
12. #selfie
13. Sheila, when we went to the Star
14. Luna Park (a mother and her two sons)
15. Monument Valley


About less than two months into the summer break, here are some happy snaps I wanted to share.

Points I'd like to make:

- Luna Park, spontaneity at its finest with my buds Syd and Josh 10/10 [was actually a perfect night - ice cream, fire works and well we beat the system ;) ]
- Rhett and Link, these guys make me laugh so hard like I honestly don't know what it is but I aspire to have the type of friendship they have. 10/10
- Devon Cafe, got the window seat but food is not bad 7/10
- OPM at The Star, last friday night. Girl's night out 8.5/10 (minus points for feeling like sardines)
- started a new job, and sadly said goodbye to my old one 7.5/10
- met up with friends I hadn't seen in ages 9/10
- watched Interstellar (MUST watch if you liked Inception) 9/10
- Monument Valley, I think its $5 on the App Store. But the design of this game is so minimal and freaking (ugh) so beautiful. Everything is in a 45-45 axonometric and my architecture feels are screaming in happiness. Wish there were more levels 8/10
- on another note, my thoughts are with the families and the two people who sadly lost their lives early this morning to a hostage situation in Sydney CBD. While on the train today I noticed a sombre look to everyone's faces and it's just heartbreakingly sad that such an event has occurred. 
- just a day over two weeks till the new year; holy moly 2015