Thursday, January 1, 2015

THE LAST DAYS OF 2014 | 1 x 1

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As the clock hit 12, a new year dawned on us all.
Twenty fifteen, a new book, a new leaf. Or so they say.

I spent the last day of the year with the people I love. My family - we decided to do a hike day trip. We ended up at Bundeena, in search of the famous Wedding Cake Rock. It was about an hour in and an hour back. Terrain-wise, contours didn't vary too much so it wasn't too strenuous.

The earlier pictures are from shopping trips with my mumma. We ventured out to the city on boxing day. Surprisingly we didn't buy much. We ended up shopping a bit more in the suburbs on another day and I picked up some amazing goodies that I can't wait to wear when winter rolls around (hint: much edge, much claire marshall).

I also bought a Kanken recently. Okay, story behind this my mate Sarah was gushing about it and honestly my first thoughts were - is this a kids backpack? But somehow the Kanken world has taken me in and I ended up getting one. It's probably the most durable bag I own to date, in terms of the material and the overall design. I got the navy and in reality its more of a navy/grey. The picture gives the bag a more darker wash.

I recently also re-found my fish eye lens. Gonna be great for travel selfies.

I spent my new years eve night with mah girl, Sheila. We hung out, pigging out on korean snacks and tea. We decided to keep it low-key this year. I had promised to get up for the sunrise but my body just wouldn't let me.

And like almost 90% of the world's new years resolution, mines : get fit, slacked off waaay too much in 2014. I'm thinking spinning. Excited. The old bike died and just ordered a new one. Keen beans

2015. woohooooo