Sunday, June 21, 2015

AM I ALIVE | 1x1


I seem to have disappeared on here for the last month. What's been happening? uni. Yeah, I wish I had something interesting to share, like I travelled half way across the world or something. But no, just uni. As per the usual.


- QVB love, I think I spent that day with my favourite
- started from the bottom now we here 'Dean's list' #sweg #fluke
- some exhibition with free fancy icecream that me and my mum snuck into
- St Mary's Cathedral arches
- new muji in sydney! muji visits :)
- sunsets on my drive home
- vivid shabang
- product samples from work
- my studio submission: boilermaker and lawn bowls as a habitable bridge.

Semester still isn't over :(
I have a 3k essay to nut out in the next couple of days. But can't wait for the weekend - freeeedom!!

It's been such a long one too.